Mistakes to avoid for explainer videos

Mistakes to avoid for explainer videos

Explainer video help in establishing a digital footprint in the minds of the viewers and turn them into potential consumers.  These videos usually have a unique story board and that helps in convincing the consumers why they should be purchasing your product. Explainer videos can also help clear any doubts that the consumer may have with regards to your products and services.

 Explainer videos are usually 60-90 seconds long and through animation and a story plot they tell the viewer about your product. The videos usually end with a call to action button, that helps in converting the viewer to customers.

 In the world of digital marketing, using explainer videos to sell product is comparatively newer trend. It is advisable that the explainer videos should be made through a proper agency that creates these Explainer videos. Explainer video experts make sure that the videos are to the point and convey message while remaining visually attractive and engaging for the audience.

 Below are some of the mistakes that might be made during video creation. These problems have been highlighted so that they can be easily avoided.

  1. Try to keep the explainer videos short. Longer explainer videos cause viewers to lose interest and it can even make them feel like they are being bombarded with information that they might not like much. The ideal length of an explainer video is between 60-90 seconds. More than this, it can be more a hazard than a benefit.
  2. The script should be to the point. Script requires utmost attention.
  3. Do not forget to include a call to action button. A lack of call to action button can cause people to watch and forget. But call to action can even lead to sales.
  4. Conveying the message is your aim, not making it viral. Keep it at that.
  5. Try getting to the targeted traffic rather than focusing on getting higher views.
  6. Explainer videos help in improving sales, they educate viewers about your product. Do not make it a promotional video.
  7. Problem solving of the targeted segment is necessary, and it should be highlighted in the video.
  8. The quality of the video should be good with professional voice over.
  9. Brand colors should be a major inclusion, this conditions the mind to associate colors with the said brand.
  10. The audio used for the video should be proper. A crackly audio can cause the audience to pass on the video.