Best Explainer Video Production Companies

Make Your Video Stand out with the Best Explainer Video Production Companies

It’s great that you have decided to make an explainer video. But, what’s next?

Internet is full of various explainer video production companies with all of them offer different experiences, services and competitive advantages. Competition is seriously tough out there in market. Since everyone has its specific requirements. How do you know to pick the best fit, specifically for your case? Well, you have come to the right place. We have compiled some of the best companies to make explainer videos. These companies are meant to deliver a superb explainer video, no matter whatever it takes. Join us and learn!

#1. Demo Duck

They make videos for all types of businesses. The professionals of demo duck make sure to offer a good script as they believe that it is the most vital part of explainer video production process. Demo duck is loaded with young creative hardworking people that belong to different backgrounds, and have different interests. Yet they give new fresh ideas to their customer with good quality.

#2. Epipheo Studios

It is the pioneer- one of the first studio in market to make explainer videos. They manage the entire video production process. Their remarkable team works on proposal, craft the idea, and deliver the video in creative way.

#3. Thinkmojo

This company never compromises on quality. Not only they develop explainer and product videos, but also develop educational videos, personalized videos, editorials and more. Their services are never limited to the size of businesses.

#4. Explainify

They believe in story-telling, high quality explainer videos. They capture the essence of the businesses and explain it quickly and clearly. They make complex things so interesting with their catchy videos. Explainify explainer videos are meant to boost search engine, make conversions and increase sales. They discuss about what your business do actually. And, then they prioritize what to say in the video with their perspective. They believe customization brings more value and brand uniqueness. For this, they create custom visuals and 60-90 sec script to make your video set apart.

#5. Switch Video

Switch Video allows one to create explainer video in different styles. Through Switch video, you can develop animated, whiteboard and motion graphics videos. With their ability to set reasonable timelines, and keep the client updated about entire video production process, makes them a reliable choice.