4 Little-Known Explainer Video Styles That No Expert Will Disclose To You

Being unique is the secret of creating a special following in the online arena. Despite having wooing themes, website designs, layouts and high-quality content, going an extra mile will make your site to stand out. With the increased desire and demand for explainer videos, every website owner is embedding a video on their site. However, lack of creativity is making the videos boring. Thus, despite investing a lot of cash in their developments, they end up having little to zero impact.
If you are a victim of the same, you can avoid a repetition of the trend through changing your explainer videos style. Here are the 4 significant styles you can use in creating animated explainer videos that every visitor will love:


Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation videos are popular in the modern days. This style is suitable for making educational tutorial explainers. Basically, whiteboard technique involves a drawing on a whiteboard with unseen speaker giving a narration of what is happening in the video. As people are used to whiteboards commonly used in classes or training workshops, using this approach enables you to attract a large audience.

Notably, this approach is the preferable option when you want to educate your customers about your products with many features without leaving out an important point. Also, science educational process is the common learning approach; many people like it. As such, explainer videos created using the format make your site to stand out.

Live Action

Unlike days before, people do not only want a display of the content and features of a product. Rather, they want to see how it works when put into action. For instance, you can hardly convince a customer to buy an electric kettle you are selling on your online store by just telling them you know this kettle will save your electricity by 30% as it takes less time to heat water compared with the normal ones. The next question they will ask is how true is this or just assume it is your marketing trick.

To erase such doubts, a live action explainer video is a good option. The video will involve doing the action and showing the audience what you really mean. In this case, you can film both kettles heating some water using a stopwatch to measure their duration. By this, you will quickly influence the viewers’ buying decision.

Motion graphics

There are times when you may find yourself in a fix when trying to explain certain business concepts formally. However, this should no longer be an obstacle. You can just create a motion graphics explainer video. The style enables you to capture the viewers’ attention and pass your message using graphics in motion which is an excellent way to break down complex ideas and communicate them in a simple and easy to understand way.

Mainly, if the information you want to deliver contains numbers and statistics, you can forge this style. Also, the good thing about it is its ability to merge with other explainer video making styles. So, you can use it to spice up your boring character animations and whiteboard videos.

Video animation

Do you enjoy the story of Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, and other child videos featured on the telelevision? Probably, the answer is yes. Such programs use the character animation style. The videos usually combine animated characters and the storytelling approach which make them a darling to any audience. Also, they are attractive and entertain any audience regardless of their age or origin. As such, using this style in creating your explainer videos can help you to pull a large audience to your website.

And there you have them. It is time to select your favorite style.